Invite gentleness into the reflection of your year. Take time to review what has happened, give yourself space to honor it, and decide your next step forward with your intentions.

DECEMBER 10, 2022 via online (no zoom)




I trust and believe...

It is time to remove the pressure to be effective and productive all the time

Rest and spaciousness are necessary for our mental, emotional, and physical health

We can exist between parallels of doing and being while still maintaining our self-worth and values-aligned decisions

Because our bodies are not machines, humans are not meant to be measured by productivity and efficiency.

I believe when you give yourself the space to feel safe in your body and exist in this world, true creativity and alignment emerges

And you can finally discern what actually matters for you

UnPlanning Workshop teaches you an untraditional, unashamed way to review your intentions and realign them with your actual desires

For almost two decades, I've studied productivity and efficiency because the world told me I needed to "work hard." I finally realized these social signals are keeping us overworked, under resourced, and undercapitalized.

These signals have been passed on by generations by what I call Calladita Culture the principles that affect Latinas, First Generation, and a lot of underrepresented groups looking to create liberated and joyful lives.

Existing with these social signals is damaging because it pushes our bodies to overwork, overproduce, and overextend ourselves.

And yet, we continue to receive the messages from a lot of teachers and thought leaders who also have learned to perpetuate the harmful principles, the tools of the trade to "get things done."

However, we do exist in a world where things must be done

We need to accomplish things so we can pay our bills, buy food to nourish our bodies, and experience the wonders of this thing we call life.

So, achieving your desires is actually great, it becomes an issue when it's at the expense of your well being.

When we are expected to do things like:

    Only feel accomplished when we complete a long to-do list

     Glorify getting things done and forget rest

     Bypass our feelings and emotions because it's more important to complete the task at hand

     Place all our worth in our "successes and accomplishments"

And many of us feel like we have no choice. We find ourselves rushing through life, looking to accomplish what the world believes is worthy of celebrating. When we deeply know what truly matters is allowing ourselves to feel joy, pleasure, and inner peace. 

We don't have to choose between one or the other

Feeling defeated and unacomplished at the end of the year is not your fault

What if we learned there are other ways...

  • Instead of feeling like nothing has been done, you take the time to honor what HAS been done
  • Instead of blaming ourselves for the lack of action we've taken, what if we look at the actual issues: social signaling, the pandemic, caregiving commitments, etc
  • Instead of placing shame on ourselves or the people around us, we can offer grace, compassion, and find ways that support our nervous system so we can take aligned action

That is the work we are going to do at UnPlanning Workshop. As a liberation coach and consultant, I want to co-create the space that feels supportive for you.
Here's how we'll spend our time together inside UnPlanning

This is going to be your pre-work. 

I will guide you through a process of introspection so you can explore the things you committed to at the beginning of the year, what got done, and what is left to do in 2022.

You will receive downloadable worksheets to complete your findings as well as a private podcast feed to have the lesson on the go.


During our time together, we are going to ground and discern what truly matters to you in this moment.

This is the time to make decisions on the priorities for the rest of the year so you can feel clear and at ease.

I'm going to teach you different ways to figure out how to find your actual priorities using your inner voice. 


As we prioritize what is important, we are going to integrate spaciousness and rest. 

We are going to build in achievable commitments so your intentions don't overwhelm you.

I'm going to teach you how to build a sustainable system that works for you and your nervous system.

You get access to the recorded session forever.

Hola. I'm Pam Covarrubias

I became the business coach my mom needed. Born in the United States and raised in Mexico City, I know what it’s like to straddle borders, bridge cultures, and navigate the intricacies of identity.

I am a proud carrier of a brain with ADHD and I have studied productivity for almost two decades because the world told me my brain was broken

I developed the principles of Calladita Culture the story that keeps Latinas and first generation humans small.

I am an EFT Practitioner, a tool that helps us nurture our nervous system so we can make decisions from a grounded and regulated place

My clients are looking to grow, rise, and elevate their life and their culture while continuously healing trauma holding them back. 

Pam [she/ella]

And we are doing it.

Because we are aligned humans and we are committed to making it happen, for us, for the people before us, and the people after us.

UnPlanning Workshop

A live online workshop + toolkit

Designed to provide you with the process to uncover your true desires, identify your priorities, and create a system of getting things done that works for you.

At the end of the workshop, you'll have clarity around your priorities

So you can close the year with ease
Live Workshop

Pre-work lesson via video and audio format so you can arrive prepared to our live session

Live 2-hour workshop with interactive exercises and regulation tools to support your nervous system and decision making

Downloadable workbook to continue your work and hold yourself accountable

Dec 10, 2022
10 am PST
12 pm CST
1 pm EST
Have a burning question?
  • What is a liberation coach? What makes you different from a regular coach?
    While I'm traditionally trained in life and business coaching, I have taken the time to learn from feminist scholars and coaches to remove traditional oppressive ways that exclude Black, Indigenous, People of Color. I use liberation and feminist principles to forge new patterns and business practices that honor our humanity and intersections.
  • What is EFT?
    Emotional Freedom Techniques is a tool that regulates the nervous system using meridian points in the body. EFT is also known as tapping and it is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, psychology, and neurolinguistic programming. You can do EFT with using your fingers on specific parts on your body to help you regulate.
  • Who is the workshop for?
    Recovering procrastinators and overachievers. My work is offered from the lens of a first generation Latina and I always honor my lived experience to relate to you.

    First gen, Latinas, Spanglish speakers, and/or ADHDs typically resonate with my work.
  • Do I have to have a business to participate?
    You don't. Actually, this workshop is designed to support anyone who set some goals and/or intentions at the beginning of the year and is now wondering: now what?
  • What if I can't attend the live session?
    You will receive a recording so you can watch it later at your convenience.
  • I don't have a printer for the worksheets
    No worries, the worksheets are fillable using your PDF software of choice.
  • Can I get a refund?
    My commitment is for you to invest in yourself because you care about your growth.

    Just like a Bad Bunny concert, I want you to invest responsibly. I want you to drop your coins where your priorities are, and for that reason, all payments received are non-refundable. If this is not the time, it's all good boo, see you next time.
  • Why does the nervous system matter?
    Inside our brain we have a small gland called the amygdala. The amygdala controls our fight or flight mode when she detects danger. Because of the world we live in and the constant notifications, our amygdala is constantly working through our nervous system. When we regulate our nervous system and we put our amygdala at ease, we can make better decisions from a place of peace and safety.

Have a question not listed? Email us at hola@spreadideasmovepeople.com

UnPlanning Workshop
A live workshop + toolkit to support you and your nervous system
It's time to invite gentleness and compassion to your intentions. Join me in this journey?

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